How to Write a Research Paper: My Expectations

As you’re all in the midst of writing your final papers for class, I’d like to make sure my expectations for this final assignment are really clear. First, and foremost, you’ll be expected to follow the directions laid out in the final assignment description.

This means:

  1. 1. Keeping your paper in accordance with MLA formatting guidelines (double spaced, Times New Roman, page numbers, proper heading, 12-point Times New Roman font, and proper quote citations/punctuation).
  2. Is your argument clear? Does it progress logically? Is it interpretive (that is, can you see how your argument seeks to say something new, interesting, or not obvious about the text)?
  3. Is your argument grounded on a close reading of the primary text? How well do you incorporate that text in your argument?
  4. Do you attempt to engage with literary criticism? Does it seem to fit with your argument, or does your inclusion seem forced, contrived, or awkward?

Remember: I know the vast majority of you are doing this for the first time. Relax–follow my guidelines, let yourself be creative, take chances, and support your argument with the text, and you’ll be fine!


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  1. Jack says:

    Please explain how to construct or find a research topic for PhD research in the field of literary theory and criticism and show how to find research gap in this field. it will help a lot. Thanks

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