MLA Formatting and Resources

In section on Tuesday we discussed how MLA formatting works, but since quite a few of you had to leave early for the holidays, I thought I’d put our materials and resources online.

Here is the key to the MLA worksheet we started with: MLA worksheet_key.

I directed you all to a couple of online resources, including the Purdue OWL website, as well as the MLA Handbook online;jsessionid=1555AF412FBE499AE973DD926ECF9620. For the latter, you must have an account, which you can create with the code you find in the back of your MLA Handbook you purchased for the class. Not only will this give you access to a searchable, web version of the handbook, you can also download a digital copy to your computer.

Finally, I pointed you all to, a website that you might find useful when generating your Works Cited page for your research page. ALWAYS double-check what you create with the directions and examples given by the handbook. With that in mind, you might find this resource a helpful place to start.


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